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eduMe one of the best Learning Management Systems

Matthew Brew
Matthew Brew

 eLearning Industry, the biggest source of news and information for eLearning professionals on the web, has once again picked out eduMe as a leader in the world of Learning Management Systems (LMS). This latest 2019 update to the list of the 20 best Learning Management Systems is the sixth year of the rankings.

So what is it that makes eduMe one of the best LMS to use?

Now, it’s important to know that eduMe is not just about learning. eduMe is on a mission to help you deliver information to your workforce when and where it’s needed. In a way that’s engaging, empowering and embraces the changing habits of technology and people. This is called Workforce Success.

Where eduMe really stands out, is that it goes beyond the state of mind of traditional LMS companies and recognises the changing habits and nature of the global workforce.

For example: 

  • 50% of the global workforce will be mobile by 2020;

  • 75% of the workforce will be made up of millennials by 2025;

  • The way we consume information and communicate has fundamentally changed with the advent of the smartphone

That’s why we are focused on supporting your success with an exceptional product, alongside providing your workforce a world-class platform that empowers and motivates them towards their own success. 

Why don’t we take a look at eLearning Industry’s 10 Things You Should Know when choosing a learning management system - and see how eduMe stacks up:

1. Understand Learning Needs

Knowing what you want to achieve can be easy, it’s how you get there that can be difficult. eduMe is full of learning and Workforce Success experts, here to help you find the best way to achieve your learning needs.

We will get to know your business and requirements inside out and support your content creation needs in any way we can.

2. Go Mobile Friendly

Those who need training or communications aren’t always at a desk, in fact, there are more deskless workers around the world now than desk-based.

We have this covered! eduMe has always been designed as a mobile-first platform. Effectively meaning that the interface is designed to work on mobile first, and accessed just as well online on a desktop or laptop.

In addition to this, eduMe uses bite-sized learning called Microlearning to increase knowledge retention and completion rates. This simple, casual design and functionality makes learning and engaging with the business, an enjoyable and regular habit.

3. Ease Of Integration

eLearning Industry states that having Single-sign-on (SSO) and webhooks vastly increases the suitability of your LMS, so that’s why we have both. And a flexible API.

SSO allows your workforce to seamlessly access eduMe without the need for creating or signing in to yet another account, something we do with Uber for example. You can read more about our integrations capabilities here.

4. Pricing / Licensing Structure

“It is observed in surveys that a well-defined pricing structure with no hidden costs attracts the buyers.” I think that’s something we can all agree on. Too often we see complicated subscription plans or possible discounts that never come to fruition.

eduMe is well-defined. If you want entry level features, we offer a Starter package, for businesses with more in-house resources and capabilities we offer a Pro package. And for enterprise level customers we offer bespoke packages. Simple as that. Take a look at our pricing structure and features here.

5. Tick Off Unwanted Features

Over complicated systems with complex functionalities can be a waste of time and money. Some large LMS providers cram in so many features it can quickly become unwieldy to use and you’ll feel you aren’t getting the best value for money.

eduMe is built and developed to one main goal - making your workforce successful. So what features do you need to ensure that happens? Flashcards and video messages perhaps? eduMe does this and much more, we ensure you only have features that are not just useful, but actually used!

6. Content Compatibility

How your content is delivered is paramount to seeing the benefit of a new Workforce Success platform. eduMe’s templates allow you to only include the necessary information, encouraging you to deliver short form content - primarily in the form of videos or short presentations.

Quizzes, surveys, games and certificates are quick and easy to complete and help to build knowledge retention.

7. Analyze And Report

Gaining insight into your workforce’s completion rates, or, even theirs and your overall success, is critical in knowing that your Workforce Success program is working.

eduMe has reporting and analysis to show completion state (not started, started and completed), lesson scores, question drill down, individual and team performance to name just a few.

8. Customer Support

We all know how crucial customer support is, whether it’s onboarding, implementation or just a quick support query. eduMe has instant chat, a dedicated Customer Success team and a Support Portal with knowledge-base articles and guides.

We are rated 5/5 on Capterra for customer support and are proud of probably one of the highest NPS scores in the industry - 67.

9. Security and Reliability

eduMe has truly enterprise level security and reliability for total peace of mind. The likes of Vodafone, Uber and Deloitte trusting us to keep their data safe, you can trust us too.

10. Future Scope

Having a roadmap for innovation is what sets fast-growing companies aside from the slow, stale businesses in this industry. We are constantly innovating and creating new features to further your Workforce Success program. 

Offline capabilities, video messages, gamification - these are just some of the ways we’ve improved and innovated the eduMe product over the last couple of months. We share our roadmap with customers on a regular basis so they know what to expect and plan ways to implement new functionality.