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Deliveroo and Neighbourhood Watch use eduMe to keep local communities safe


Food delivery giant Deliveroo partners with mobile-based training platform eduMe to deliver safety training to over 50,000 riders across the UK

Deliveroo has launched a new safety initiative using eduMe, the training platform of choice for the on-demand sector. The learning content is designed to give riders tips and safety guidelines to protect themselves and their vehicle, and enable them to look out for the safety of others in the communities that they ride in. 

The initiative was launched in partnership with Neighbourhood Watch, a national charity working to build safer and stronger communities, and is particularly timely with research from ‘Together’ - a coalition of neighbourhood organisations - finding 73% of members would like society to be closer after the pandemic.

With a 50,000+ strong rider network that operate across the country and engage with their local communities every day, Deliveroo’s workforce are well placed to spot any safety issues in their neighbourhoods. 

In a comment that highlighted the skills gap the training seeks to bridge, Deliveroo rider Alexandra Ramosova shared that couriers “have the ability to help but sometimes aren’t sure how best to do so. We’re in a unique position as we’re out riding on the street and may see things others don’t”. The educational content will empower Alexandra and fellow riders “to better support our community and one another”, as “training like this gives people the confidence to make a difference”. 

Through eduMe, Deliveroo riders will have access to 6 optional ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ modules over a 6 month period. The material, verified by the Metropolitan Police, aims to upskill riders in: 

  • Rider vehicle safety

  • Street harassment, with a focus on female safety

  • Domestic abuse - how to spot the signs

  • Handling confrontation and bystander training

  • Modern slavery and Human Trafficking - how to spot the signs 

  • County Lines and Drug Dealing - how to spot the signs

The content - which is hosted on and delivered through eduMe - is surfaced to riders via email link. If logged in, riders are taken straight through to the educational content, reducing friction and creating a seamless learning experience that maximizes engagement.

Senior Rider Partnerships and Engagement Manager Christina Lewis shared that the company, who also onboard their riders with eduMe, are “pleased to be able to continue offering a broad selection of training via eduMe’s platform, focusing on safety and the community”.

Will Shu, CEO of Deliveroo, echoed this sentiment, stating “we want to support the communities in which we operate and use our platform for good. We don’t just want to be seen in our communities; we want to be part of them and play a role in keeping them safe”.

After completing a module, Deliveroo riders can become Neighbourhood Watch Safety Ambassadors and will receive a Neighbourhood Watch and Deliveroo sticker to display on their delivery bag.

Reflecting on the important role eduMe played in content distribution and rider engagement, Lewis shared: “eduMe’s features keep the optional training offered engaging and interesting, allowing participants to test their knowledge throughout. The expertise and guidance the eduMe team were able to provide to Deliveroo ensured that this initiative was implemented in a smooth and engaging way for the fleet.”

Jacob Waern, CEO & Founder of eduMe, concluded: “We’re delighted to be supporting Deliveroo and Neighbourhood Watch in rolling out such an important safety initiative at scale. Having worked extensively with Deliveroo to onboard people successfully, it’s great to see our partnership expand in terms of the breadth and scope of training we can help administer to the Deliveroo fleet.” 

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