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eduMe becomes customer engagement platform Braze’s first learning partner


When it comes to delivering experiences digitally, personalization and accessibility are key in our increasingly remote world. That’s why we’ve teamed with leading U.S. based customer engagement platform Braze, who count Burger King, Delivery Hero and IBM among their customers, to become their first ever learning partner.

Braze is a leading customer engagement tool that powers relevant and memorable experiences between customers and brands they love. eduMe is a remote training tool that enables companies to create concise, engaging online training content for their workforces.

Joining forces for the future of work

The global workforce is changing rapidly - people have less time, work remotely and are glued to their smartphones. As an employer its imperative to adjust to this changed reality. But how?

By providing your workforce with timely, contextual opportunities to learn, grow and engage with you. This is fundamental to improving productivity, reducing churn and securing your success as a company in the future of work.

Braze brings an ideal mechanism for eduMe-hosted material to be disseminated in a personalized way to each member of a company’s workforce, at the time they need it. 

Braze gives our clients the opportunity to get critical training and information out to their people with ease. Braze’s platform complements eduMe’s primary focus, which is increasing the quality, productivity and retention of large workforces as well as ensuring their safety and compliance.

Jacob Waern, Founder CEO

It is now easier than ever for our shared clients - like Gett, Uber and Deliveroo - to scale operations, improve productivity and retention through highly relevant workforce-wide training.

Braze and eduMe

eduMe hosts your interactive learning content and Braze seamlessly delivers it to whoever, whenever, ensuring the utmost ease of access to trackable and relevant training. This improves personalization, timeliness, and engagement with mobile learning, to our mutual customers’ benefit.

Training speaks to an individual’s specific learning need, in a given moment. URLs to learning material are personalized by Braze, so each individual receives a unique link to relevant content on eduMe. To get started, they simply click the link, no fields to fill out or sign-in necessary.

In the absence of obstacles like forgotten usernames and passwords, learners undergo a completely frictionless technological experience, resulting in higher engagement with, and completion of, training. Higher completion of training means improved overall workforce quality and productivity, greater safety and higher retention rates.

Use cases 

Many of our customers are already using the partnership to their increased success. Whether to provide on the job training, gather feedback quickly and en masse, or deliver performance triggered training. 

Performance triggered training enables clients to easily create highly tailored upskilling opportunities. For instance, if a member of their workforce falls beneath a specific performance threshold. To get their rating back up, a refresher course on eduMe is automatically send out via Braze. 

It can also be used strategically, to improve retention. If clients are seeing low activity or inactivity in workforce members, they simply disperse an engaging microlearning module around increasing earning potential, to recapture their attention, motivate and incentivize re-use of the platform.

Ultimately our collaboration heralds a new chapter in workforce quality, development, and empowerment, where companies can rest assured that they are maximizing productivity while keeping their people as safe and compliant as possible.

About Braze

Braze facilitates contextual communication between companies and their consumers. Through segmented cross-channel campaigns and optimized messaging, Braze empowers its clients to deliver superior customer experiences.

With Braze, companies can easily personalize their interaction with customers through dynamic messaging that resonates with individuals and is based on real behavior past, present and future. They combine empathy with AI to empower their clients with captivating in-the-moment customer interactions.

This level of personalization allows companies to bridge the engagement gap with their customers like never before by making each brand interaction highly customized to each individual, every time. 

About eduMe

eduMe is a Workforce Success platform used by modern companies across 6 continents to train, inform and engage their workforce. By having effective learning and relevant information in the palm of their hands, the workforce at companies like Deloitte, Deliveroo and Uber are empowered to perform at their best.