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Easy Solar joins the eduMe family

Isidora Markovic
Isidora Markovic

 We are very pleased to announce Easy Solar, a company bringing reliable, renewable solar energy to West Africa, are the latest to join eduMe’s growing family of clients!

Ahmed Elomar, Easy Solar’s Agent Success Manager, said of the partnership: 

We are looking forward to bringing all our sales agents into one circle of shared communication, knowledge, and skills, and to reduce the knowledge gap between newly onboarded and existing agents.

We look forward to collaborating with Easy Solar to achieve Workforce Success. 🚀

About Easy Solar

Easy Solar is a company with a mission to empower communities in West Africa with access to clean, affordable energy.


A staggering 87% of Sierra Leone are without electricity, with only 1% access to energy in rural areas. Easy Solar are revolutionizing the way communities underserved by the grid live, work and play by making high quality energy available and affordable for all.

They do this using a progressive payment solution and access to more powerful electronic devices, meaning customers who did not have the means to obtain the energy to meet their needs, can do so simply and cost effectively. 

Conceived by three solar energy entrepreneurs, Nthabiseng Mosia, Alexandre Tourre, and Eric Silverman, Easy Solar started life in Sierra Leone in 2016. The company have since begun operations to Liberia with future plans to expand into neighbouring Guinea. Through a dispersed network of agents that operate on community frontlines, Easy Solar has brought energy to 300,000 people.


We spoke to Ahmed Elomar, Easy Solar’s Agent Success Manager, to find out more about how Easy Solar will use eduMe.

What problem were you looking to solve?

Many actually. But in general, it would be to revamp and improve the workforce operation within my team, by providing the right skills and knowledge to agents, with efficient communication and feedback.

My role also involves me having to personally travel around the country across more than nine regions nationally to conduct training, and collect feedback. This takes up a lot of time and resources and tends to be exhausting. When COVID-19 hit, the travel stopped, and the feedback collection along with it. Any new knowledge about a subject or skill was being slowly shared among the team.


Now that we have eduMe, I can share all the learning and lessons with our dispersed network of agents at the click of a button, and can gather team sentiment via survey responses all at a reduced time and cost. 

Why did eduMe stand out?

After reading about it and seeing some of the success stories and having the opportunity to experience the trial version, combined with support from the eduMe team, I saw just how easy and user friendly it was. Both from a content creators' and learners’ perspective.

And after collecting feedback from pilot learners I could see that the possibilities of eduMe for our needs are endless. 

eduMe and Easy Solar

Easy Solar will be using our Workforce Success platform to onboard and deliver ongoing training and continuous learning to their dispersed network of agents to supercharge customer service, productivity and engagement

To us Workforce Success means having all the members on the team, trained and taught the necessary skills and knowledge needed to provide excellent service while meeting their deliverables that get set throughout their years of employment.

- Ahmed Elomar, Community Manager


eduMe will enable them to make sure that each and every one of their agents, no matter when they are working, or where, are empowered to perform to the very best of their ability, by having relevant training and communication in the palm of their hands, as well as a voice to be heard. 

You can connect with Easy Solar’s on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, or learn more via their website. Welcome to the family, Easy Solar!