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  • A reduction in training time by 97%
  • Sales representatives trained 36 times faster, winning back 30 days worth of time over 2 months
  • Sales representatives exceeded targets

eduMe is a very simple, easy, intuitive way to deliver sales training & competition follow-up.

Gustaf Ottosson, Business and Commercial Manager, Fortum
How did Fortum achieve Workforce Success with eduMe?

Fortum, a global leader in heat production and renewable energy provider to 10 countries and 22 cities worldwide, needed a way to increase the productivity and quality of their Customer Service and Sales teams. eduMe’s Workforce Success platform provided the perfect medium through which to achieve this.

Fortum’s Challenge

Fortum needed a more engaging way to communicate with their customer facing teams, a need exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic. Their existing training sessions were held in-person, time consuming, and employees were not leaving sessions as impassioned and motivated to perform at their very best.

In order to achieve their goal - bringing clean energy to societies globally - Fortum needed a seamless way to ensure new Customer Service and Sales employees were empowered to deliver in their role as quickly and to the highest standard as possible, as well as securing the long-term success of tenured staff with ongoing training.

eduMe’s Solution

eduMe provided Fortum with a means to deliver relevant, accessible information quickly to a range of employees, from those being onboarded to longstanding staff, in an engaging way that maximized productivity and increased sales.

An agent who has worked at Fortum for 3 years said eduMe education gave him tips to use in his calls.

Andreas Bengtsson, Team Lead

Increased productivity

eduMe won back sales agents’ time by enabling the same information, once inefficiently delivered in-person, to be delivered in 2-5 minute microlearning modules sent straight to smartphones.

Data and insights

eduMe’s comprehensive reporting features gives managers insight into performance in granular detail, providing an instant view of content adoption by user, revealing depth of topic understanding and knowledge gaps.

100% of agents found eduMe courses useful to their work

Ease of communication

Once created, learning can be assigned to groups and sent to whoever needs access at the click of a button. This ease of knowledge distribution improved Fortum’s essential lines of communication.

Motivation and gamification

eduMe’s built to engage and its gamified learning experience makes learning fun and rewarding to complete. In-app scores and rankings motivated Fortum’s sales agents by promoting healthy competition.

The Results

eduMe had very high uptake as a solution company-wide, with 90+% training activation rates. 100% of leadership and representatives preferred and found the remote training solution useful.

eduMe’s concise, bite-sized learning format enabled Fortum to maximize existing representatives' productivity and reduce new hires’ time to productivity. Representatives were trained 36 times faster with eduMe, meaning Fortum was able to free up 720 hours - the equivalent of 30 days - in productivity, over the span of 2 months.

A customer service rep sold 8 units of ID Protection product offering in a day, in her first month at Fortum. She used the eduMe app to educate herself.

Kristofer Aklundh, Team Lead

With less time spent on in-person debriefings, representatives could focus on selling and double down on targets, increasing their hit rate.

100% of leadership said they preferred eduMe over in-person or virtual training

eduMe’s feature-rich platform benefited Fortum in several ways. Flashcards ensured vital product knowledge was accessible at representatives’ point of need, allowing them to refresh knowledge quickly and easily and inspiring them with the confidence to go into every call able to win new customers. 

The ability to gather direct feedback from representatives in single-question pulse surveys and view detailed lesson reports meant future learning could be informed by real data, making it twice as impactful. 

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