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Why eduMe - Inform and motivate your workforce

Matthew Brew
Matthew Brew

Because you need a new way to train, engage and communicate with your workforce. You need to empower them to perform at their best.

Prepare for a changing workforce

No doubt you’ve seen the changing trends in workforce habits. We are becoming more mobile in work with fewer desk-based workers, millennials are making up a larger part of the working population, and we are consuming information in a different way.

Training, engaging and communicating is now even more complex

It’s now harder to train workers, engage them in your mission, and communicate with them regularly. If this happens, your workforce won’t be performing at their potential. You’ll lower productivity, lose your competitive edge and risk high staff turnover.

Empower your workforce with knowledge

Give them access to the information you know they need, whenever and wherever they need it - so they are empowered to perform at their best. This is called Workforce Success.

Picture the scenario…

You’re an Operations Manager, Sales or L&D Director. You have dozens, hundreds, if not thousands of people working for you. How do you onboard them all, keep them informed, motivate them, and provide training opportunities so that they can perform at their best?

There is a solution

What if your entire workforce had a tool on their phones or computers? It allowed them to stay up to date with the latest information, watch short videos and take training quizzes in just a few minutes? 

Now you’ve got a workforce that is engaged with your company, improving their knowledge and working better for you.

Giving access to knowledge empowers your workforce.



For you: Send messages and create easy-to-use training in minutes on an intuitive, templated authoring tool.

For your people: It takes minutes to read, watch and answer questions. Accessed on a smartphone or desktop from anywhere in the world.


For you: Track completion rates and performance and send information to whoever needs it.

For your people: They’ll learn and engage with a product that’s simple and enjoyable to use. 


For you: Less time spent in training rooms, writing emails and creating content.

For your people: More time to get on with their jobs. They have more skills and knowledge to do better.


For you: It works. eduMe is proven to drive behaviour change and it improves employee performance.

For your people: Satisfied employees will achieve more. Achievement breeds happiness, which reduces stress and builds bonds between an individual and a company.

Do you want to learn more about how eduMe can help your workforce achieve at their best? Get in touch with us here.