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Welcoming Uber London to the eduMe family

Matthew Brew
Matthew Brew

We’re thrilled to start working with Uber in London where eduMe will help Uber provide a high quality service.  As a London-based company, we are excited to be a part of Uber's contribution to so many Londoners in Uber's largest European market!

Uber has already achieved some great results using eduMe to date across an ever growing number of markets. Comparing users before and after using eduMe, and by comparing eduMe to in-person training, these are some of the things Uber has achieved:

  • Increased productivity: the eduMe group increased productivity by 8% as measured by supply hours

  • Improved quality

    • the eduMe group achieved higher ratings, as measured after the first 50 rated trips, and across their average lifetime, compared to the in-person group.

    • The eduMe group improved retraining attendance by 25% and decreased reactivation time by 30% compared to in-person sessions. They also improved their ratings by 7% after using eduMe

  • Happier drivers: Driver-partner satisfaction increased by 8% after using the eduMe platform compared to a decrease when attending in-person sessions.

  • Cost savings: By providing information through a mobile platform, eduMe is able to significantly reduce the pressure on Uber’s support centre, resulting in cost as well as time savings. 

Want to see why Uber thinks eduMe is so good? Request a demo by clicking the button below.

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