Case Study: How the mobile operator Tigo increased sales by 66%

Tell me about Tigo Honduras...

Tigo Honduras is the country's largest mobile operator with close to 5 million customers. It's part of Millicom, a leading provider of cable and mobile services across Latin America and Africa with 51 million customers and revenues of $6 billion in 2017.

Like many mobile operators, Tigo's agents are its distribution network, and they're responsible for selling a wide range of products and providing excellent customer service.


What was the challenge?

Tigo was looking for a way to keep its highly dispersed agents up to date on products, promotions and pricing.

Additionally, training on sales skills and entrepreneurship needed to be delivered in a concise, accessible manner that fits around the agents' busy schedules.


And the solution?

Tigo is using EduMe's microlearning app to increase the productivity of its sales agents.

EduMe makes it easy for agents to upgrade their skills and learn about new products through the unique combination of engaging video lessons and message cards




Despite a lack of previous experience, Tigo mastered the art of in-house video production, proving that this can be easy and cost-effective. 

Check out our beginner's guide to creating great microlearning videos if you'd like some inspiration.


How did Tigo ensure successful implementation?

Good question! Tigo was aware that great content is a good start, but needs to be combined with a comprehensive plan to ensure that agents regularly use EduMe.

So they hosted a fun launch event where agents could get started with the app, and encouraged ongoing use by making area managers responsible for their teams' engagement, and clearly communicating the link between use of EduMe and commission to the agents.

The simple and effective message was: if you're better informed, and better equipped, your sales will increase and you'll earn more commission.


What do the results look like?

Sales of Tigo Honduras agents increased by 66% in just 3 months. Why? Because agents now have easy access to relevant information in one, streamlined source that they can consult at the point of need.



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