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5 Technologies to Enhance Customer Experience

Zac Francis
Zac Francis

Today’s consumers are characterized by their demand for more. No longer satisfied with reliable products at competitive pricing, they desire an all-encompassing service that’s optimized across every touchpoint. In short, they are all about the experience.

This makes customer experience (CX) the new battleground for businesses looking for that competitive edge, and technology can provide exactly that. By introducing, optimizing, and updating relevant technology, businesses can enhance their own CX and reap the benefits.

But we understand the world of tech is a vast and sometimes confusing place, making it difficult to know exactly what to invest in.

Don’t worry, we are here to help. Keep reading to find out the best technology you can utilize to enhance your CX.

1. AR Technology
2. Chatbots
3. BNPL Services
4. mPOS Systems
5. Mobile Training

VR technology in the workplace

Choosing the Right Technology

For businesses, technology is either the ultimate tool or the biggest obstacle. The wrong tech can frustrate employees and customers, reduce efficiency, and leave a company yearning for the days of pen and paper. The right tech, when applied correctly, can enhance all business areas, from your workforce to your customer service. 

Before we move on to our recommendations, it’s important for businesses to first evaluate their needs. What areas need optimizing? Are your employees prepared for technological change? Do you have the resources to roll out at scale? Having a comprehensive understanding of your business needs will help you make an informed decision on what technology is needed.

5 Technologies to Enhance Customer Experience

Let's get straight to it! Here are 5 technologies that can enhance customer experience:

AR technology

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that overlays digital information onto a real-world environment via devices such as smartphones and AR headsets. With a widespread application, AR tech is working its way into various industries and will only continue to grow and evolve.

Although 94% of business leaders say ‘fun’ is the main reason people use AR, 55% of UK consumers believe AR’s biggest benefit is enhancing the shopping experience. We agree with the consumers on this one, so let's see how you can apply AR to improve CX.

Immersive product visualization

AR allows customers to experience products in a more immersive way. IKEA pinpointed its online shopping as a weakness, due to the fact customers found it difficult to understand furniture sizing and stylistic compatibility without seeing it in person. So, they introduced the Place App, which integrates AR with a customer’s smartphone, letting them place furniture and other items into their homes to better understand how it fits. 

Interactive shopping experiences

AR is an effective way to combine the strengths of in-store and online shopping to enhance overall customer experience. Despite the growth of e-commerce, 46% of consumers still prefer in-store shopping, and 71% spend more in-store than online. 

With AR, businesses are able to create interactive shopping environments where customers can navigate online stores, interact with products, and receive store information.


If you regularly engage with a business online, then you’ve most probably spoken to a chatbot. These always-friendly applications of AI are a useful tool employed by businesses to enhance CX. How, you ask? Let's take a closer look.

Customer queries are answered faster

Today’s world is all about instant gratification. With the power to purchase at the click of a button, consumers are unaccustomed to long wait times.

This is where chatbots help. Without the need to eat and sleep, Chatbots provide answers around the clock, leading to reduced online queues and wait times. Additionally, they empower customers to find the answers they need on their own—an element that’s highly valued by a current demographic that prefers self-service

They optimize your skilled workers

Although AI may one day replace us humans altogether, today’s chatbots are unable to solve complex issues that require a combination of niche business knowledge and interpersonal skills. This is where the human element is absolutely necessary, and where your workforce’s time is best spent.

By answering basic questions and reducing the amount of tedious copy-and-paste responses, chatbots free up time for your workforce to put their skills into practice and demonstrate outstanding service.

Buy Now Pay Later Services

Buy now, pay later (BNPL) is a growing short-term financing option that comes with little to no interest. They offer consumers the chance to delay payments or pay in installments, while still taking home the product immediately. Its popularity has increased dramatically in recent years, with 43% of Americans having used a BNPL service in the last year and brands like KLARNA becoming household names.


BNPL services often have minimal credit requirements, granting access to a wider range of customers, including those who may typically be hampered by their credit history. This all-inclusive practice enhances CX for individuals who may be typically excluded from certain products and services.


Most BNPL services seamlessly integrate into the online shopping process, removing the typical requirement of a lengthy credit application or approval process. Considering that 77% of male shoppers and 83% of female shoppers abandon purchases due to a complex checkout process, the effortless integration of BNPL services can vastly enhance the overall experience.

Mobile Point of Sale Systems (mPOS)

mPOS Systems enable store associates to help customers anywhere in the store by utilizing technology including smartphones and tablets. They enhance CX by offering improved efficiency, customer service, and personalization. Let's take a closer look:

Personalized assistance

Personalization is now a staple of CX, and 80% of consumers are more likely to engage with brands that offer a personalized experience. Just ask Disney and Amazon, whose own optimized personalization helps maintain their position as industry leaders.

Equipping your workforce with mPOS systems means they can offer personalized assistance to customers on the shop floor, pulling up relevant customer data and offering tailored recommendations and services.

Enhanced product information

It can prove difficult for store associates to memorize the relevant information of every available product, accurately recall whether it’s in stock, and then, on top of all that, employ optimized upselling techniques. These limitations are reflected in consumer attitudes—83% of shoppers think they know more than store associates.

With mPOS systems, store associates can pull up relevant information when they need it, empowering them to provide excellent service and enhancing overall CX.

Mobile training for your workforce

Your employees are the ones who utilize your technological investments. You can’t optimize one without the other. It’s therefore important to provide the best training possible to your employees and empower them to deliver top-tier CX. 

The best way to do that is through mobile training. Taking advantage of the widespread use of smartphones, mobile training provides employees with the information they need right when they need it. With a seemingly endless list of benefits, here are a few ways it enhances customer experience: 

Utilizes microlearning

Mobile training often utilizes microlearning, which involves delivering bite-sized information in order to promote knowledge retention and account for our shortening attention spans. Employees who can remember product information, upselling techniques, and communication skills are in the best position to offer enhanced CX. 

Real-time updates

Mobile training enables companies to provide real-time updates on product information, company policies, and anything else the company deems important. Ensuring employees have the most accurate information when they need it most empowers them to provide an excellent and memorable service.


eduMe is the platform of choice for businesses looking to optimize their workforce without any hassle. By seamlessly integrating into existing work tools and rolling out engaging bite-sized information, eduMe empowers your workforce to deliver outstanding customer experience.

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