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Improve frontline staff effectiveness & customer service

Provide timely, accessible knowledge to delight employees, who’ll delight customers, boosting your revenue, reputation and ROI.

Ensure alignment
By streamlining all information into a single source, you can ensure consistent scalable training to a standard you set.
Eliminate complaints
Protect your brand and minimize customer complaints by improving sales teams’ capabilities & quality of service.
Curb churn
Watch loyalty bloom by empowering employees with the information necessary to realize their full potential.

See sales soar

In order to sell effectively, your employees need to first be product experts. eduMe ensures they receive the required messaging to live and breathe your brand by becoming better informed, in less time.

Lift customer lifetime value

All businesses want a higher value per sale, more transactions and long lasting customer loyalty. When empowered with the right knowledge through eduMe, employees become evangelists. Their delight trickles down to every customer interaction.

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Employees are the rudder that steer you to success. With happy employees serving even happier customers, complaints plummet, NPS scores skyrocket, and your brand’s trust is boosted.


Easy to create, easy to complete

eduMe's user-friendly interface means you can create courses from scratch in hours, no upskilling necessary. It’s equally as intuitive to end users, who enjoy a gamified, self-paced engaging experience packaged in digestible, short, microlearning bursts.


Share company-wide in seconds

Once created, deploy learning to anyone, anywhere, in moments. Being mobile-first, learning meets employees wherever they are - at a desk or on-the-go - putting control back in employees’ hands.


Gain insights to measure ROI

Set performance standards that align with organizational targets, then monitor the effectiveness of your learning initiatives by looking at detailed data and tracking ROI.

Discover eduMe

Through use of eduMe, International Telecommunications company Tigo increased their sales by 66% in just 3 months.

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