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Improve frontline staff quality & customer experience

Provide timely, accessible knowledge to delight employees, who’ll delight customers, boosting your revenue, reputation and ROI.

Differentiated customer experience
Provide a 5 star customer experience that will increase loyalty and referrals.
Consistency of service
Protect your brand and minimize customer complaints by improving frontline teams’ capabilities & quality of service.
Better interpersonal skills
Watch loyalty bloom by empowering employees with the information necessary to realize their full potential.

Create & share training quickly

Effortless and intuitive content creation that can be done on the spot. Simply capture & upload video & images, create & edit with text, links, stickers & drawing tools, and then share with learners where they are, all on your mobile. 

So easy to use that your learners can pick it up and create training of their own. Encourage democratization of content creation and bring workers in the day-to-day operations the power to share their knowledge and expertise.


Simulate role-play activities in a safe environment

Real-world scenario-based quizzes empower learners to think critically about the impact of their choices. With Scenario Videos, simulate engaging role-play activities where learners control the outcome.

By allowing a learner to become an active participant in a simulated environment, they can learn by doing, ahead of time, and in a risk-free setting.

Theresa Micheli Pet Supermarket 1

Confidence comes from being knowledgeable about what they’re talking about, their love of the industry and pets. eduMe is at the center of that.

Theresa Micheli, Senior Manager Store Operations, Pet Supermarket


Drive engagement with highly visual & immersive learning formats

Using our Guides format to connect frontline teams to the information they need quickly, clearly and in an engaging, visual way.

Guides empower frontline teams to share and develop their knowledge in the moment it’s needed, whether that’s company-wide best practices about providing a differentiated or brand approved experience, or tips from local teams on the best way to work in their location.

With eduMe, International Telecommunications company Tigo increased their sales by 66% in just 3 months

Why take action?

higher returns for customer experience leaders
of consumers find knowledgeable & helpful sales associates appealing
higher 'quit rate' in retail & hospitality than the US average
Source: McKinsey & Company, PWC

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