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Ensure Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Stay one step ahead of every audit and reap the rewards, from improved reputation to higher revenue.

Relay the latest
Never worry about falling victim to stale, dated information that creates legal vulnerability.
Regain control
Restore assurance and accountability cross-company by having full confidence in individuals’ qualifications.
Improve behavior
By increasing awareness around proper conduct, your people are less liable to inadvertently break rules.

A workforce you can have faith in

No more fretting over bad PR or mitigating reputational risks. Deliver robust, up-to-date training that can be rolled out across markets and feel trust in a fully trained, capable, qualified workforce.

Lower legal costs

When people are receiving and completing regulatory training that is of-the-moment the incidence of accidents drastically declines, lowering legal fees along with it.

Grow and diversify revenue base

Poor compliance suffocates growth, ensuring compliance sees it bloom. Unlock the potential to diversify streams of revenue, increase supply and explore untapped markets.


Share updates with ease

Admins can fire up eduMe without any prior training and disperse Messages to remote employees that relay critical information, in a matter of minutes.


Straightforward access, simple editing

Mobile-first and micro, learning on eduMe is digestible, engaging and above all - easy to access no matter where someone is. Its user-friendly interface accommodates everyone - busy learners and admins who need to revise dated information quickly.


Pinpoint knowledge gaps, ensure quality

eduMe provides evidence of employee engagement and level of understanding. Take a glance at analytics to ascertain who has completed training and who needs to be retrained. Insert Assessments that act as barriers to entry and track attempts per user to ensure quality.

Discover eduMe

Using EduMe, Uber rolled out Covid-19 training to millions of drivers worldwide to help them get back on the road safely.

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