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Professional Services: Your Shortcut to Workforce Success

Take advantage of our Professional Services to get maximum value from your eduMe investment - in minimum time. Allow our team to be an extension of yours. We’ll design & deliver a learning experience for your workforce that achieves your objectives.

The creation of education material is not one of the skills that we have in-house. Trying to understand how to create or convey a strong message in a way that is appealing and impactful to users - that expertise is on eduMe’s side.


Mateo Valla, Platform Access Lead, Uber

We bring...

5 years of experience in creating content
That delivers business results
To ensure knowledge is retained and applied by your workforce
Tools & strategies
To ensure successful launch & ongoing use

Your return on investment...

Conserve internal resource
Let your team focus on what they do best
Deliver on your business goals faster
Through rapid deployment of eduMe
Achieve higher ROI
Through the optimal learning experience

Content Studio

Our in-house Learning Design team bring you a unique combination of micro-learning and industry experience. We’ll create bespoke content that achieves results for you.

An extension of your team - by understanding your organisation, your workforce and your objectives, we create content that reflects your brand & conveys your values

Dedicated videographers - we’ll align to your brand, budget & timeline

Translation & localization services - enable every member of your workforce to access content in their preferred language

Advisory Services

Increase your ROI by ensuring that your content is consumed, retained & applied by your workforce. We offer a range of services, including:

Learning Strategy Workshops - we’ll translate your business objectives into an Online Learning Strategy

Behaviour Change Workshops - we’ll create a comprehensive plan to ensure a successful launch and ongoing useage

“Become a Micro-learning Expert" - we’ll equip your team with the skills to create concise, impactful content

Content Audits - we conduct in-depth analysis of your content and provide recommendations to increase business impact

The workshops were really useful - there were so many best practice ideas that came from your team. They provided us with a framework, and shaped our approach to the whole launch and implementation of eduMe. We still use the tools and disciplines covered in the workshops today.


Corina Forman, HR Director, APC Overnight

Content Studio Case Study with Gopuff

Gopuff relied on eduMe’s Learning Design expertise to create an onboarding course, enabling them to conserve internal time & resource. Together, we mapped out the driver-partner journey from application to first order. Based on this understanding, we created a course that inspires & motivates driver-partners to complete the onboarding process & make their first order. The Results:

Orders delivered up by 6.2%

Hours worked up by 14.7%

Time to first order down by 26.2%

And….Gopuff’s Operations team can focus on what they do best!

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