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Spotlight on...Tigo Honduras


 Welcome to the latest edition of our blog series about the companies and people who are using eduMe's microlearning platform. This time we're hearing from Tigo Honduras who've seen a 66% increase in sales thanks to eduMe - check out the case study.   

  • Name: Ana Patricia Gomez Amador

  • Job title: Head of Tigo Sales & Experience School

  • Company: Tigo Honduras

  • Location: Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Tell us a little about Tigo Honduras

Tigo is a well renowned telecommunications company operating in Honduras. Our primary purpose is to build the digital highways that connect people, improve lives and develop our communities. Tigo is part of Millicom, a a leading provider of cable and mobile services across Latin America and Africa with 51 million customers.

What's your role?

As Head of Tigo Sales & Experience School, I ensure that our sales teams have thorough and up to date product knowledge, as well as excellent customer service skills. I use a combination of face-to-face training and online training to communicate and then reinforce this.

What are the business challenges you're addressing through eduMe?

Our learners are spread out across the country, so we need a way to keep them informed and trained, especially those in more remote areas. We’re a dynamic company -  constantly launching new products and promotions - and everyone must be up to speed with the latest news and information.

How's that going?

eduMe is going very well for us; learners use the app regularly because it helps them do their job better, it’s very easy to use and they can find what they need quickly. We involved our local area managers from the start of this project, and it’s their responsibility to motivate their team members to use the app, and to gather feedback from them which helps to inform future content development.

What are your plans for using eduMe this year?

eduMe is a crucial partner for us as it’s the tool we use to communicate and inform. We’re creating a full suite of microlearning training material that acts as a library of knowledge for the sales force, and for other teams in Tigo Honduras.

How do you motivate and incentivise sales agents to use eduMe regularly?

When we launched eduMe, we presented it as a useful work tool that’s easily accessible via smartphone. Everyone received it as an opportunity to improve communication & pick up useful skills and knowledge. We also provide small incentives via the agents’ commission to encourage lesson completion.

Finally, as mentioned before, it was very important to involve the area managers - once they believed in the project, everything else fell into place!

What's the feedback from your learners?

As well as gathering feedback from area managers who have regular contact with the sales agents, we also send out online surveys via the message cards in the eduMe platform. In the most recent survey which had almost 100 responses, we found:

  • 98% find the eduMe app easy to use

  • 99% believe that the lessons help them to do their job better

  • 96% agree that the message cards provide them with useful information

  • 98% would recommend the eduMe app to their colleagues.

One of our agents summarised the overall feedback perfectly:

The eduMe app is very good as it clarifies doubts we had and helps us to close sales and give better customer service. I love this eduMe app!!!'

What's your favourite microlearning video? How did you make it?

My favourite is the first one that I appeared in. Normally, my trainers create the lessons and so they usually feature in the videos, but in this one, I was invited to speak about how to avoid customer churn. We make our videos in-house, using basic equipment - usually just our phones and a simple tripod - but these are extremely effective.

Our learners have told us that they really enjoy seeing familiar faces in their microlearning videos.

And finally, what's your favourite Honduran food?

My favourite is ‘Plato Típico’: refried beans, carne asada, chismol, fried plantain, avocado, cheese and tortillas!