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Creating a customer-perfect product: features we’ve added in Q1 2020

Jacob Waern
Jacob Waern

The cogs at eduMe HQ are constantly turning as we innovate and adapt our product, in tandem with an eternally changing work landscape. Of course this is not the only means by which we shape, re-shape and evolve.

Another input we seek out and value highly is direct feedback from our varied customer base, made up of modern companies at the forefront of their industries like Uber, Deloitte and Vodafone. 

Just as our customers’ workforces are 4.6x more likely to perform at their very best when empowered with a voice, we can only perform at our very best when our customers are being heard.

With that said, here are a few customer-driven updates we’ve recently implemented that we are excited to shed some more light on.

1. Reporting granularity


Previously, all reporting was done by course. Admins were able to view analytics from a course > team view.

This provided them with a top level understanding of performance. They could see which teams assigned certain courses performed highly, and from here could identify who (on a team rather than individual level) was struggling. 


We realised that wasn’t sufficiently granular. 

Whether or not customers were doing a deep dive into reports, it made sense to provide them with the option to look at things more microscopically. After all, future learning is partially informed by present performance. 

Now, in updated reports, admins can view analytics by team > user > course. 

This way, admins can compare both team and individual team members’ performances in a snapshot. It also means you can access insights at a user-level. 

This structure made more sense for the particular use case of onboarding using eduMe, as it gives course admins user level clarity on performance. I.e. new hire x has completed y learning, therefore they are now ready to progress onto z. 

And it also made more sense given our recent integration with Fountain, the leading all-in-one platform to source, screen, and hire the hourly workforce.

2. Light-touch video learning

Video has been a long standing format supported in eduMe. This is because video is the easiest medium through which you can engage learners, and get knowledge to land and stick. 

Our brain processes visual information in 250 milliseconds. When we both watch and hear information, as opposed to reading it alone, we are 95% more likely to retain it. 

Through ongoing customer feedback, we’ve slightly adjusted how we look at our lesson formats as a whole so that admins who create content can do so with greater speed and ease.


Previously videos in eduMe lessons were tied to quizzes. This meant that wherever video was included, the lesson author had to add a minimum of one quiz question immediately following a video. 

We made this the case for good reason - the way knowledge is committed to long term memory is by active recall - i.e. being nudged to recall a piece of information that you’ve learnt, e.g. through a quiz.


While quizzing is good practice that we encourage, it isn’t relevant in every single use case. So we’re pleased to announce that now video can be shared in lessons standalone - i.e. without being tied to any other activity.

This has freed video up for more use cases, and provided customers with greater content flexibility. For example, if they want to include multiple short videos, on different topics, in succession, and include a single summary quiz at the end.

This improves lesson flow by allowing a stream of focused content, followed by quizzing at the end (if desired at all). 

Ultimately, it gives our customers more control over what shape their lesson takes on, so they can better tailor it to their required learning outcomes and needs. 

3. Enterprise-level scalability

A less visible non customer-facing update - but one of equal importance - has been changes to our product’s backend.

It’s undergone some tweaking which guarantees an uptime of 99%. This means the product is never offline (for non-scheduled downtime) and we live up to our customer promise of their workforce being able to access eduMe anytime, anywhere.

This has been done in anticipation of larger numbers of users accessing the product at once, as we scale to support larger enterprises.

Such updates allow us to know with pinpoint accuracy how many users we are able to support, which is important as our product becomes more robust and users access in increasingly greater numbers.

Looking ahead

We’ll be spending more time this year developing new features to enable even quicker and easier content creation and information sharing, to smooth our customers’ journeys to Workforce Success

Stay tuned! 🚀