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Localisation for a Global Approach

Matthew Brew
Matthew Brew

Working with our clients across five continents has reinforced the importance of creating targeted courses to suit local demands.

When localising your course it’s essential to design your content with the learner in mind. Translation is the backbone of localisation however there are further steps to take to adapt to local needs.

This can be done by adapting videos and graphics to target markets. The more relevant you can make courses to the learner, the better engaged they are with the content you are delivering.

We always highly recommend adding a few local touches to your online training, such as adding colloquialisms to make people feel comfortable, at ease and welcome. This can include videos of local team members - it makes a huge difference!

Why is localisation important?

Whether to target a unique challenge in your organisation, disseminate best practice and product knowledge for sales, or information for new starters, it’s vital to get across the right information at the right time.

So what happens when there’s a language barrier? It’s going to mean your workers aren’t equipped with the necessary depth of understanding or skills to succeed.

Benefits to learners

  • Linguistic and cultural barriers are removed

  • Relevant content

  • Relatable and engaging

We’ve designed our platform to be flexible for localisation to ensure all learning is easy and accessible. For example, in Uber’s African markets, Driver-Partners can choose between onboarding courses in English and in local languages.

Benefit to organisations

  • Harmonise your brand worldwide

  • Reduce learner errors

  • Reduce drop offs

The way to achieve this is to use local or simplified language and have lost of supporting visuals. Avoid written words in videos or images for learners, especially in areas of low literacy. Focus on the core learning objectives.

Language Availability

At eduMe we can support all languages. As our clients around the world meet the needs of their distinct workforce we offer widely spoken languages such as Spanish as well as languages as diverse as Georgian and Burmese.

This is why we’ve designed the platform to adapt learners language by markets and local admin language in just one click!

eduMe’s Approach to Localisation

User Interface

Whether it’s through our mobile learning app or web platform there’s more than the content itself to think of. Throughout our microlearning lesson we have comprehensive coverage across the user interface buttons so the learning journey is seamless.

Admin Panel

This is where our clients create content, invite and manage users, and access reporting. We make this available in different languages so that local admins are confident using eduMe.

Tailored to your Needs

We know that it’s not as easy as translating word by word which is why we work with native speakers around the globe so we are sensitive to the cultural nuances of the languages.

Let us know what you need today!

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