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How eduMe is helping companies take their services online

Isidora Markovic
Isidora Markovic

As a result of COVID-19, many companies have had to transition to a remote work set-up in compliance with social distancing rules. 

But what about on-demand wellness companies like Urban and Soothe, whose practitioners previously relied on in-person appointments with customers?

When someone’s whole career has been carried out face-to-face, they lack the knowledge on how to provide their services to the same standard via a digital medium.

In order for companies to make this change seamlessly and successfully, they need to provide additional support to their workforce in the form of step-by-step guidance on how to make the switch successfully. 

That’s where we play a role.

Transitioning to digital

We have supported Soothe and Urban in making the switch from physical to digital wellness appointments effectively.

Both have created concise, engaging remote training courses that are available to on-demand (anytime, anywhere). They have been disseminated to each and every practitioner and are also available for them to access later on, in the event that they need to refresh their memory.

Individual lessons that make up a course are bite-sized, meaning they take no longer than 3 minutes to complete, in order to deliver information in digestible chunks as well as to hold attention. 

They incorporate a variety of content formats - text, images, GIFs and video to engage learners, and are often followed up by quizzes to promote “active recall”, which helps commit newly learned information to memory. 

Every lesson also makes use of eduMe’s gamification feature . A gamified learning experience motivates learners by awarding them points for completing lessons and shows them where they rank among peers. 

What would someone providing appointments online for the first time need to know?

In terms of the information that empowers practitioners or employees with the knowledge to perform at their very best, here are a few you topics to get you started:  

  • What types of services are supported - e.g. consultations, yoga, meditation, writing patients’ prescriptions

  • Appointment structure to follow - e.g. use of scripts at start and end, duration of time allotted to each appointment

  • Grooming and dress best practice - e.g. wearing role-appropriate clothing, creating a professional image over video call

  • How bookings work - e.g. how to expect to receive and confirm bookings, cancellation and overtime policies  

  • How to set up video calls - e.g. what software to use & step-by-step guides on how to use it (Zoom, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams etc)

  • How to create a professional workspace - e.g. creating a quiet, clutter-free environment with no background noise or disruption

  • What equipment is required - e.g. cameras, wireless headsets, smartphones, computers, tripods and whether these will be company provided and if not, suggestions on where to source 

  • How to deliver the best client experience - e.g. being aware of lighting, microphone and camera quality, standing at the right distance so your whole body is visible

  • Tips on troubleshooting common problems - e.g. poor internet connection or working with clients who are less tech savvy

Beyond wellness

The use case doesn’t stop at wellness. There are a whole host of other professions and sectors that have been impacted due to reliance on face-to-face meetings to operate, such as education and healthcare.

To adjust, many educational establishments have resorted to distance learning. Doctors have switched to online consultations to provide medical treatment to patients instead. 

Our work with Soothe and Urban during COVID-19 has proven that there is a successful workaround, even a fulltime replacement, and that wellness appointments aren’t the only type of service that can be provided digitally to an equally high standard.

Do you need to upskill your workforce in how to provide their services digitally? 

If you'd like to see how you can use eduMe's mobile-first platform to deliver just-in-time information and training in a simple, engaging way to employees, freelancers or clients, book in a personal demo.