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eduMe Reviews 2023: What 30+ verified customers say about eduMe

Zac Francis
Zac Francis

How we work is changing. 

More than 80% of the global workforce is made up of deskless workers—those who work outside of the traditional office environment and typical workplace model. 

So it’s understandable that the way we train this workforce must also change. It’s critical that employers find new methods to educate their dispersed employees in an effective and efficient way. Developing a relevant workforce training strategy will help motivate and engage your workforce—leading to increased employee satisfaction and reduced churn.

This is where mobile-based training platforms can help. We are now a smartphone-reliant society, with over 6 billion active smartphones in the world, and the average person spending over 3 hours a day on their device.

These pocket-sized computers have helped shape human behavior, reducing our attention span by keeping us engaged with short, digestible, bite-sized content. It’s therefore crucial that businesses adapt to these changes and adopt a mobile-learning strategy.

What is eduMe?

eduMe is a mobile-based training platform for the deskless workforce, used by modern companies in more than 60 countries worldwide. By providing their workforce with seamless access to relevant knowledge, companies like Uber, Gopuff, Deliveroo, Gorillas and Vodafone are enabling their people to achieve Workforce Success. eduMe is headquartered in London, UK with offices in Palo Alto and Santa Monica, USA.

Who uses eduMe?

Our platform is designed for businesses with a remote, deskless workforce that require continuous learning and ongoing skills training of all kinds (Health & Safety, customer service, compliance and onboarding), and immediate access to role-related information. We are best suited for SMEs and large enterprises who require training at scale.

Content Creators, Operations Managers, Head of HR, Learning and Development Managers, Product Managers— these are just some of the people that benefit from our mobile learning tool. But whatever your job title, if you’re tasked with the smooth-running of workforce operations and have metrics like productivity, safety and churn within your KPIs—eduMe has something to offer.

eduMe Integrations

We provide integration options that make it easy for you to create users, get automated reports when you need them most, and implement trigger based content delivery. We also make it possible for you to set triggers to customize content delivery so your workforce receives relevant content when they need it. 

Visit our integrations page to find out more or to speak to a member of our team.

What do existing customers say about eduMe?

With over 31 verified online reviews, here are what some customers say about eduMe:

Support from eduMe

“A very easy platform to use and set to your own needs. The customization and support I get from eduMe are second to none. I have already recommended the software to other departments at Gett and would do so to anyone looking for an online training platform.”

-Andrew C., Head of Supply

“eduMe fits learning into any agenda and operation model. It enables our network to learn and improve on their own terms…whenever I've seen anything to improve we've talked directly and it has been solved/improved within days”

-Ana Isabel E., Information Technology and Services


“When you are integrating with another company, sometimes it can take time just to align both…this does not happen with eduMe. They have well documented API, different methods of integration, and their Customer Experience and Solutions Architects are super fast to reply to whatever question you or your team might have.”

-Daniel L., Sr Product Manager

“We're an on-demand hair/beauty/wellness app. We were introduced to eduMe by our ATS software Fountain with the promise of excellent e-learning. We've not been disappointed - only wish we signed up sooner!”

-Kayleigh S., Chief Operating Officer


“My experience with the eduMe app has been great so far…I love the fact that there is a provision for Messages, that can be used for news updates and motivation and so much more... Other functions like the lesson quizzes and the reports, surveys are great too, with this I can know how well the lesson contents are digested and how active the users are on the app.”

-Kadijatu B., Content Creator at Easy Solar

“Bite-sized content, ease of use, minimal training required for users and administrators when first using the product. Helpful analytics and the ability to cascade different training programmes to different teams.”

-eduMe User, Associate Director

Content and Content Creation

“eduMe has transformed the way we provide training for our new starters and existing teams. Being a high growth company, eduMe allows us to train at scale while keeping the standards very high and candidates engaged.” 

-Alexandra Z., Operations Manager

“I really like how user friendly and easy to navigate this system is. You could definitely implement this easily with a team with little training. The templates make it easy to get a quick start. I also like that different admins can use the same template to make it easily accessed by learners.” 

-Alicia T, Outreach

“I love the fact that the lessons are so well structured and easy to watch. Everything in this app is made simple for all the users, and this is what most companies need for their clients since we don't want anyone to have trouble watching the courses…”

-Verified eduMe User, Operations Associate

How much does eduMe cost?

Our pricing is custom based on the number of users per month and the specific requirements of your business. 

Check out our pricing page for more information.

If you’re looking to equip your deskless workforce with contextual, role-relevant information and engaging content when they need it most, get in touch with us now to learn how we can work together 👇