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Mobile Training for your Deskless Workforce

Onboard and Train your Deskless Workforce 70% faster, with a 4 times increase in completion rates, all seamlessly within your existing technology stack

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Improve Workforce Performance

Allow more of your new joiners to become productive in less time. Increase the quality of their initial work, setting a base for future performance improvements and higher retention.


Increase Workforce Retention

Equip your workforce with the skills and knowledge they need to perform at their best by providing easy access to the relevant information at the point of need.

Safety & Compliance

Ensure Workforce Safety & Compliance

Create a safe, compliant and respectful environment by ensuring that your workforce understand and implement relevant procedures and best practices.

An enterprise Workforce Success platform designed for scaling modern businesses

Our content creation tool will transform the way you build training. It’s super-light and maximizes the impact.

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Why take action?

cost of disengaged workers per $10k of salary
of workers feel disconnected from their companies
of leaders say equipping frontline workers with technology is key to success
Source: Forbes, Gallup, Microsoft

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The Ultimate Onboarding Checklist Template

20% of employees quit within 45 days. Make sure your new hires are setup for success with this ultimate onboarding checklist.