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Microlearning in Workday: The Retail Leaders Pocket Guide

Learn how to create and deliver highly engaging training to your retail frontline, all through Workday.

Sonny Yuen Hexagon

eduMe is a perfect fit to power unique frontline worker learning experiences, that complement the long form learning that Workday manages.

Sonny Yuen, Senior Director Product Strategy, Workday

Discover what type of training you should deliver as a retailer

The type of training you deliver is dependent on your training goals. Whether that's for onboarding, product knowledge, sales, or customer service, we outline some examples and tips to help. 

How to choose the right formats/activities for your training

How to package information should be informed by the type of retail training, training topic and training objective. Are you trying to show someone how to use new equipment, or are you trying to build brand loyalty?

Discover the different lesson activities/types of training creators can leverage in a Workday integrated frontline training tool. 

Jason Trail hex

We use Workday for pretty much everything. Everybody’s using the Workday app on their phones at the stores to clock in and out. With eduMe it’s really been easy for the stores to just click on the link, do the course, and then we have recorded learning back in Workday.

Jason Trail, Training & Development Manager, McCoy's Building Supply

How to get your training material to your frontline workforce

The million dollar question! The best way to deliver training is dependent entirely on your unique set up, and what you’re trying to achieve. 

This guide outlines options for delivery within Workday, Workday Recruiting & Learning, the Workday mobile app, or even in locations external to Workday, to maximize frontline engagement with training, whilst maintaining a two-way data sync with the HCM.

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The only frontline training platform that is a Workday Ventures Partner and Workday Certified.

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