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Microsoft Teams Training App

Embedded Learning for your Frontline Workforce within Microsoft Teams

Seamlessly integrate eduMe into Microsoft Teams with data that syncs, & workflows that work, all without the need for your teams to download a separate app. Leading companies don't send workers to training. They send training to workers.

Watch Demo: How to Deliver Frontline Training via Microsoft Teams

90% of executives agree that a digitally connected frontline workforce will be a competitive differentiator in their industry

Source: Harvard Business Review

The status quo is costly

of workers feel disconnected from their companies
wasted people costs through inefficient & turnover
say their informational needs are not met

Struggling to Onboard Consistently at Scale?

With the eduMe app in Microsoft Teams you can onboard your workforce quickly & easily by sharing consistent lessons with individuals in chat or with automated notifications.

Ensure new hires are getting a consistent experience and receiving the information they need to become productive faster. 

Using eduMe, on-demand laundry service Laundryheap reduced their onboarding time from 2 weeks to 70 minutes.

Create Learning Content Easily

Don't have Time to Create Learning Content?

Admins can easily create eduMe microlearning lessons & courses in minutes within Microsoft Teams with our intuitive course authoring tool. Choose from different interactive formats to create engaging mobile lessons that include videos, virtual experiences, quizzes and surveys. 

Really short on time? Our Learning & Development Consultants are on hand to become an extension of your team to create a learning strategy and create effective, engaging training initiatives. 

Training Completion & Engagement

Looking to Improve your Training Completion and Engagement rates?

By embedding learning into Microsoft Teams, training becomes part of the flow of work. Learners can seamlessly access training whenever they need it, reducing learning friction by 66%.

eduMe takes a microlearning format that is intuitive to interact with on Mobile and proven to increase engagement and information retention. On average we see a 96% lesson completion and 76% monthly engagement on eduMe.

Our knowledge hubs allow learners to view all their training in one place, track their progress, and pick up where they left off or revisit training for knowledge reminders.

Tracking & Analysis

Need to see Training Performance?

Admins are able to measure the performance of your training initiatives through dashboards within Microsoft Teams and create reports for your stakeholders to show ROI.

Get real-time data on the performance of individuals, teams, and company wide training completion rates, assessment scores, survey insights, and activity. Act upon and improve these insights with the ability to send training to those who need it, when they need it. 

Admin & Learner Experience

Easily add eduMe into your Microsoft Teams environment to get started. All your people & teams will already be there waiting for you!

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