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Anytime, Anywhere: The Future of Frontline Training

In our latest Guide our Founder & CEO explores the specific needs of the frontline worker as they stand today, and how companies can hope to better serve them technologically in order to remain competitive in the future of work.

Training is failing the frontline

When we think of an employee, we think of the person behind a desk, whether they are at home or in an office. This image is only reality for 20% of working people globally - it's high time it was re-written in the collective imagination.



2.7 billion, still underserved

In an era where technology has even come to anticipate our needs, an optimized frontline training experience hasn't been prioritized.

Though the face of their work varies - frontliners are found in every setting from a production line to a hospital - they possess three unifying traits. They're dispersed, tech-sparse, and time-poor.

These factors cause complications for those responsible for improving workforce performance, ensuring on-the-job safety, and maximizing retention. 


Evolution is needed now

What is the way forward? How is their entirely unique mode of operation best catered to?

We've identified five key areas which need addressing in order to secure success across frontline industries: 

  • Barriers to access
  • Irrelevant content
  • An unengaging user experience
  • Undemocratized content creation
  • Inadequate data 

Download our latest guide to discover the ins and outs of current obstacles to training frontliners face, and how training must - and can - adapt in order for frontline to thrive.

Theresa Micheli Pet Supermarket 1

eduMe is extremely well positioned to fill the needs for training in today’s world.

Theresa Micheli, Senior Manager Store Operations, Pet Supermarket


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