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Webinar recording

Improving Workforce Efficiency with Mobile Training


Mobile training exists as a strategic lever for companies seeking to achieve business results like improved workforce performance and efficiency, but investing in a mobile training tool is just the first step to improved workforce efficiency.

Listen to our On-Demand webinar with Dolly’s Supply Growth Specialist, Holly Snider, and eduMe's On-Demand Lead, Travis Boyle, to hear about challenges facing last mile delivery companies, how mobile training can speak to these, and strategies for ensuring high engagement with technology you’ve invested in to produce tangible results that improve ROI.

What you'll learn:

  • Current challenges companies are facing in the last mile delivery space

  • Ways to use mobile training to improve workforce efficiency

  • Top tips from Dolly on executing a training strategy that drives results


Holly Snider round


Holly Snider

Supply Growth Specialist

Travis Boyle round


Travis Boyle

On-Demand Lead