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Webinar recording

How to Retain your Deskless Workforce


When you're a fast growing company competing in a crowded space, ensuring the right candidates sign up is issue enough. To have those same workers drop off weeks later is a bottom line drain that needn’t be. Enter engagement and worker experience.

Watch Kimberly Hurd, Chief Revenue Officer at ONSI, and Priya Bhandari, VP of Client Services at eduMe, in this On-Demand webinar on how to improve deskless workers’ experience, maximise engagement and mitigate churn, plus best practice for any company with a deskless workforce to follow.

Watch this webinar to learn about:

  • Why deskless workers churn

  • The relationship between engagement & retention

  • Strategies to employ to improve experience and engagement among deskless workers




Priya Bhandari

VP of Client Services



Kimberly Hurd

Cheif Revenue Officer