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Webinar recording

The Future of Talent Acquisition


Talent acquisition has undergone a tremendous amount of change and faced a unique set of challenges over the last 10 months. The Covid-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the state of hiring, forever.

How have these changes affected the way companies acquire and retain talent? And, with an ever-evolving definition of “normal”, how can talent teams adapt to secure their success not just next year, but in the years to come?

Wellness company Urban is one of many who found themselves drastically pivoting to adapt to 2020's hardships. Watch eduMe's Priya Bhandari, and Fountain's Nico Roberts, discussing this year's challenges, the future of talent acquisition and how to prepare for and ensure growth, with Urban’s Head of Operations, James Heaven.

This webinar delivers on the following concepts:

  • The current challenges high-volume TA leaders are facing today 

  • The state of hiring during Covid-19 and the future landscape of talent acquisition 

  • How wellness company Urban are using technology to navigate Covid-19 and ensure growth in 2021, and beyond‍