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Webinar recording

Overcoming the Challenge of Retaining Hourly Workers


For companies that hire hourly workers, churn is the biggest bottom line hit, and it’s also the hardest thing for companies to overcome. You operate in a saturated market, and contractors have low barriers to signing up and providing services to your competitors. How do you limit this? How do you ensure that as many of the right type of candidates make it through the recruitment process to begin with? How do you inspire loyalty among a dispersed workforce, which operates in isolation and will likely never meet you or fellow workers?

Join Priya Bhandari, Commercial Director at eduMe, and Nico Roberts, Head of Global Customer Success & Strategy at Fountain for a webinar on how to overcome and master candidate retention for hourly workers.

This webinar will deliver on the following concepts:

  • Why candidates churn

  • How to leverage recruitment and onboarding to inspire loyalty, reduce churn and stay competitive

  • How eduMe and Fountain’s integration enables a seamless, successful sourcing, screening, recruiting and onboarding process