You’re here because you need a different way to do things

Because something’s not working. Are you able to train, engage and communicate with your workforce effectively?

It’s a common problem. The traditional techniques to train staff simply don’t meet modern business objectives anymore. Corporate training is expensive, time-consuming, varies wildly in quality and very few people will say they’ve ever enjoyed it. What is most critical though, is that face-to-face learning has among the lowest rates of knowledge retention.

This means under-skilled workers, that aren’t engaged with your company.


You’re not getting the most from your workforce

What happens if you have employees that are unengaged with your company, your products? They are lacking in job enthusiasm and not offering their best for your customers.

Put simply – if you are not doing your best for them, they are not doing their best for you.

How we communicate and consume information has shifted dramatically

Globally 50% of the workforce will be mobile by 2020. Meaning fewer opportunities to engage face-to-face and a greater reliance on smartphones.

By 2025 millennials will make up 75% of the global workforce. They consume far more visual and digital content and have a greater appetite for bite-sized information.

We’ll help you overcome these problems

EduMe is different. We know what motivates a modern workforce. We know how to increase engagement with your teams and get them working smarter and more productively.

Coupled with evolutions in behaviour, we know the way a modern workforce learns needs to change. EduMe is doing that.

EduMe is a tool you use for training your workforce and keeping them informed. Helping them to learn, to achieve.

How it works

You create effortless training courses and communication updates that take minutes to build - all via your own online portal. Then your staff take just minutes to read the updates and complete the short courses. This happens anywhere in the world through our app or online. The information is given in small, specific bursts of information. This is called microlearning.

We are solving the issues you face today, and ensuring learning technology is moving with workforce trends, not playing catch-up. The straightforward benefits of EduMe:


For you: You create courses in minutes on an intuitive form. Traditional courses take an age to create on complicated software – this doesn’t.

For the workforce: It takes minutes to read and watch a course and answer questions. Accessed on a mobile phone from anywhere.


For you: Your workforce will be up to date and actively participating in the company culture. This will reduce employee turnover.

For the workforce: Staff will want to train on a product that’s quick and enjoyable. They will work harder towards business objectives.


For you: Less employee time spent in training rooms and learning more means a workforce working harder.

For the workforce: More time to get on with their jobs. They have more skills and knowledge to do better.


For you: It works. EduMe drives behaviour change and improves employee performance.

For the workforce: Satisfied employees will achieve. Achievement breeds happiness, which reduces stress and builds bonds between an individual and a company.

Our vision for the future

We will continue to equip businesses, like yours, with a product that is going to future-proof your ability to train, engage and communicate with an ever-dispersed set of people.

At EduMe we are creating a revolution. This is not another learning management system or a mobile training platform, this is Workforce Success that creates belonging. This is the end of corporate training as you know it.

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