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Adoption of new tools and behaviors

Deliver a return on new tool and program investment and create better understanding across your business

High Uptake
Improve understanding and desire for your tool with training that highlights the benefits for your workforce.
Increased Productivity
Simple distribution of information and easier training methods limits any delays to rapid productivity.
Consistency of Message
Remove siloed ways of working and duplicated efforts by getting everyone working in the same way from day one.

Launch as one

Time spent on face-to-face or induction meetings delays your roll-out. Send the same training to everyone on day one.

Fewer support requests

Keep you IT team focused on what’s critical. Your workforce will get, and retain, all of the information they need.

See your ROI

With adoption across the board and your training team focused on larger initiatives, you’ll see ROI immediately.


Deliver Engaging, Compelling Content

Microlearning lessons are quick and easy to create in eduMe and allow for videos, images and quizzes in any language. You can highlight the critical information to tell a story that matters, in a way that relates to your audience.


Send Instantly, Anywhere

Distribute your training at the touch of a button across dispersed and divided teams, alongside messages, alerts or notifications. Our integrations with HR and CRM systems make this step a breeze.


Measure the Efficacy, Ask the Impact

The insight tools in eduMe give a breadth of options to measure the impact of your training. Scored assessments demonstrate understanding and feedback surveys take the pulse of the workforce and provide user feedback.

eduMe helped the wellness company Urban transition from in-person to digital services following the Covid lockdown. Using eduMe they retrained their entire workforce in a matter of days.

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