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Enable High-Performing People

Equip your workforce with the skills and knowledge they need to perform at their best by providing easy access to the relevant information at the point of need.

A highly skilled workforce
Providing opportunities for growth and development continuously bridges skill gaps to secure competitive advantage
Adoption of tools & behaviors
Respond to an ever changing work environment by helping your people adopt new behaviors & use new tools
Excellent customer service
Provide knowledge to delight employees, who’ll delight customers, boosting your revenue, reputation and ROI

Keep ahead of the competitive curve

Knowledge empowers - with relevant information continually in the palm of their hands, your employees are in a prime position to pivot in times of uncertainty or change.

Attract and retain a higher calibre of employee

Word travels. When you invest in your employees’ future by providing ongoing training in the present, you set yourself apart as an employer worth working for.

Build community and reduce churn

Be an employer that’s talked about. Gain a competitive edge in your niche through greater employee referrals and making sure that those that start with you, stay with you.


Compile quickly, disseminate at scale

Reach people seamlessly and at scale with relatable, human messages and training content that doesn’t feel like a chore to complete. eduMe’s myriad of in-built communication features break down silos and build rapid awareness.


Reach anyone, anywhere

Easily push high relevant, mobile-first training material to those who need access, at their exact moment of need. eduMe’s interface mirrors the most viral consumer grade tech, incentivizing repeat usage.


Survey, assess and track

Make your learning data-driven - leverage Surveys to obtain learner feedback, Assessments to illuminate skills gaps and Analytics to measure understanding and track progress.

Discover eduMe

Uber uses eduMe globally to provide impactful ongoing training that has led to increased engagement, productivity, ratings and hours worked.

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