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Seamless Access to Relevant Knowledge

The reason we are the #1 choice for the deskless workforce. Give your workforce seamless, passwordless access to training. We see a 98% training engagement rate with seamless links vs only 32% for SSO. Talk to us to find out more about seamless learning.

Integrate Training in your Existing Ecosystem

Our extensive range of integrations makes integrating EduMe effortless

Seamless Links

  • Do away with log-ins
  • One-tap access
  • Greater flexibility of users
  • Instant access to content

Seamless Dashboards

  • Access to libraries of learning content
  • One-tap access
  • Create user ‘Academies’
  • Deliver continuous learning

Why Go Seamless?

  • Activation & Engagement improves
  • Completion rates increase
  • Churn decreases
  • Productivity rises

How to Retain Your Retail Employees: The Ultimate Guide

With average turnover rates over four times higher in retail than in other industries, we explain how you can best retain your employees in this guide.