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Case Study: How Greenlight Planet increased salesforce productivity by 116%

Greenlight Planet is an innovative FMCG company with over 27 million customers in over 60 countries. It relies on its field sales force of 2,500 agents to sell its wide range of products.

Read on to find out how Greenlight Planet increased productivity and engagement through EduMe’s unique combination of communication and training.

on demand delivery

Case Study: How a gig economy company used EduMe to reduce churn & improve quality

How do gig economy companies ensure that their flexible workforce is motivated, engaged, and equipped with the necessary skills?

Find out how Mercadoni reduced churn by 62.5% by delivering relevant, concise training straight to their smartphones.


Motivation & Engagement Playbook: How to get your learners to start - and continue - using your learning platform

In this new white paper, prepared by our Head of Learning, we'll show why this is such an important topic and the huge effect it has on a company's bottom line.

We'll be sharing concrete tips and how-to's to make the most out of your learning program. 


tigo & edume case study: how the mobile operator increased sales by 66% using edume

The mobile operator Tigo Honduras, which is part of Millicom, a leading provider of cable and mobile services in Latin America and Africa with 51 million customers and revenues of $6 billion, achieved a 66% increase in productivity when its agents started using EduMe.

Check out our latest case study to find out how you can do the same.


Uber & EduMe Case Study: Part 2 - Moving to a continuous learning journey

Uber has been using EduMe’s microlearning platform to onboard driver-partners in markets across Europe, Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa. The results are documented in a previous case study, showing that onboarding times decreased by 13% for driver-partners who used EduMe, compared to those who attended in-person sessions.

Having seen the efficacy of EduMe’s mobile-first platform for onboarding training, Uber decided to expand its use to ongoing training.

The results?  Increased productivity, improved quality, happier driver-partners and reduced costs. Check out our latest case study...


Rappi & EduMe Case Study: Using microlearning to improve customer service

The on-demand delivery company Rappi is using EduMe's microlearning platform to deliver concise, engaging training to its customer care team.

The results?  A 27% reduction in cancelled orders and a 25% improvement in the quality of customer service. Check out our latest case study...


Uber & EduMe Case Study: Proving the value of mobile delivery

We’re thrilled to be working with Uber in multiple markets! Find out why Uber chose EduMe as a reliable, cost-effective solution for getting new Driver-Partners up to speed (there might be a clue there).  


How to measure microlearning's ROI

Check out our latest Insights Paper on how to measure impact. We've drawn on our experience with clients including Uber and Rappi to create a practical guide that will enable you to create a solid business case for your learning initiative.


How to make mobile learning work

We’ve accumulated a fair bit of experience in the growing - but not particularly well understood - field of mobile learning. Every so often, we get asked to share what we know, so we compiled our top insights on how to succeed with mobile learning.  


How to produce great videos for microlearning

We believe that any successful microlearning strategy needs to include effective use of videos, so we're sharing our best practice tips in a series of blog posts. 

Part I: The Basics

Part II: Getting down to business

Part III: Other options

Looking for more best practice on microlearning, mobile learning and how to reach learners in the gig economy etc? Visit our blog for much more insightful findings!