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NPS Surveys: Collect Workforce Feedback

Create an ongoing feedback loop and track workforce engagement, loyalty and satisfaction with Net Promoter Score Surveys.


Capture Workforce Feedback Easily

Understand how you’re perceived, enable your learners to quickly share their views, provide feedback and highlight areas to improve. Discover how many detractors, passives, and promoters you have and act upon feedback.


Send out a Workforce wide NPS Survey

Distribute a non-compulsory NPS survey in minutes, and allow your workforce to participate if they want to, or simply opt out and proceed with their learning content.

85% of the global workforce may be disengaged at present, but instilling them with a voice is the remedy. And the numbers would agree - those who feel heard are 4.6 times more likely to perform at their very best.

Track Workforce Engagement, Loyalty & Satisfaction

NPS scores are automatically generated and can be shared to create greater organizational transparency. Keep a finger on the pulse of your workforce, preempt turnover and identify areas for improvement.

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