Delivering the Best Experience for Logistics

Give your workforce, wherever they are, quality training and communication, when they need it. EduMe is the answer to engaging, upskilling and retaining a successful workforce.

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Say goodbye to face-to-face training

EduMe is designed for mobile. It’s built to give your employees a slick experience and an enjoyable way to learn and engage with your company.

We are far more likely to retain short-form instruction and prefer experiencing information through videos and app-based content.

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Onboard with ease

Send onboarding training and information straight to an employee's phone. They can quickly engage with videos and quizzes to be rapidly upskilled, at scale.

Send videos from management to welcome them into company culture. People love how easy it is to use and consistently share positive feedback.

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Keep everyone informed

Your drivers and handlers can be informed while out on the road. Communicating via message cards gives immediate visibility of anything important they need to know.

Send notifications about business updates and polices as soon as they need it. With all this knowledge at hand, your staff will be more productive and your customers left delighted.

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Improve team performance

Streamline your training process. Whether it’s retraining or refresher courses, teams can be segmented so you only share what you need to, with those who need it.

You’ll help to retain staff by creating a continuous learning journey. One that actively invests in their progression and builds a culture of learning and improvement.

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Keep people safe by improving behaviour

On the road or in the warehouse, safety is your number one priority. Such quick access to knowledge allows your entire workforce to be updated instantly with industry and regulation changes.

Route planning, fatigue management, manual handling and load restraints are all factors in your health and safety plan. Regular reminders of these will keep your workforce safe and successful.

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Easy administration and reporting

It takes minutes to build training courses and messages on easy templates, and even less time to push them out to staff. The burden of training seasonal workers will be gone and your time is saved.

Even better is that you have real-time reports showing individual and team performance, helping you to make informed and strategic decisions about your workforce.

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Seamless integrations

Hook up your existing LMS and HR systems with EduMe as it integrates with pretty much anything.

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