WEBINAR RECORDING: Uber and Workforce Success - a story in changing workforce habits


Uber is the poster child of the gig economy. Millions of drivers worldwide, working remotely, offering a service when it suits them. It would be easy to say this is an outlier, an anomaly in working habits…but in fact it’s the new normal. Globally there’s a steep upward trend in the deskless workforce, millennials, and a reliance on technology to deliver information.

In the 30-minute webinar we’ll look at this trend, and how empowering your workforce with the knowledge they require to be successful in their job was embraced by Uber. This is called Workforce Success, and we’ll tell you what you need to do to prepare.


  • About the seismic shifts in working habits

  • How Uber onboards thousands every day

  • Tips for your own onboarding program

  • Why Workforce Success is so important


Meet your presenter

Jacob Waern is the founder and CEO of EduMe. He’s a leading voice on Workforce Success. Prior to EduMe, Jacob spent more than ten years holding executive roles within the Swedish entrepreneurial investment firm, the Kinnevik Group, specialising in the media, internet and telecoms industries. He’s started and scaled numerous ventures across the globe.