Make Outstanding Customer Service a Given

We are using EduMe to help supplement our menu knowledge training and service expectations with our team members. Quick and easy reminders that only take a few minutes to reinforce great behaviors.
— Belinda Kyle, Director of Human Resources at Sustainable Restaurant Group


Make everyone on the team an expert on your products and enable them to become masters of customer service. They will have all the resources required at the tip of their fingers.


Communicate with your workforce

Keep your staff up to date by sharing information on new offerings and promotions as well as to share company news. Important information are ‘pinned’ and create a knowledge base that’s easily accessible and replaces the need for printed material.

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Create engaging content

Our authoring tool makes it easy for you to create microlearning content that’s concise and focused and highly relevant to a mobile-first audience.

You’ll use our templates to create engaging communications and courses using a mix of text, images, links, quizzes and videos. You’ll be able to update and localise content quickly & easily.


Easy access

It's easy and intuitive to manage your users with EduMe. You can segment your learners to ensure that the right training and communication is delivered to the right people. It’s easy to manage high turnover roles with EduMe and you can invite users via email or SMS or ask them to self-register.

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Our real-time reporting allows you to track progress and completion, so you can easily connect these to key metrics.

Our dashboard gives you a bird’s eye view of the most important data, then you can drill down by team and individual users’ performance - from access to course completion and lesson scores. You can also analyse content to focus on particular areas where your learners are struggling.