Tips for Launch

  • create a communication plan about EduMe and use all existing channels; F2F meetings, WhatsApp, email, newsletters, etc. 

  • start with at least 2 essential courses that have high impact, you can create more as go 

  • highlight the benefits of the EduMe platform in your communications, if it will help them earn more commission let them know!

  • put incentives in place, such as mobile data, goodies such as t-shirts/bags, or vouchers/cash prizes, for first activations or completion of a course and share these with your learners

  • create at least 5 message cards around the benefits of your courses

  • make a short screen capture video to show how users activate their account, and share in existing channels such as WhatsApp, email, etc.

  • get the support from management and senior team leaders - make sure they understand the benefits of it and give feedback on content

  • get internal ‘influencers’ onboard to spread the word about EduMe, this could be the most popular people in the company, top sellers, team leaders, etc  

  • if possible set up an implementation team and make sure that everyone on the team understands their responsibilities (see number 2 in our tips for roll out blog)

  • to set targets on number of learners who have activated their EduMe accounts and/or completed a course and ensure that the implementation team follow up and have KPIs related to this

Top Tip

Set an activation and course completion target and check daily during launch period.

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