At EduMe we have always advocated the importance of a bite-sized approach when creating learning content. If you deliver this content over mobile it becomes a time efficient, cost effective method of learning with greater engagement and significantly higher completion rates. 

With that in mind we encourage creators on our platform to send small, bite-sized pieces of learning content as messages that provide extra knowledge around learning outcomes, without the need for team members to do a full lesson.

We talk regularly about the benefits of Workforce Success, i.e. giving your workforce access to the knowledge they require to be successful in their job, and it’s a philosophy that we as a product team are extremely passionate about.

We are always seeking feedback from our users, and the messages feature is one we hear a lot of great comments about. One of those comments is it would benefit from some enhanced functionality and more flexibility. 

So, rather than add more complication to the existing messages function, which is used so well as a tool to communicate, we’ve decided to create a very exciting, new feature.

Introducing Flashcards

We are thrilled to announce Flashcards for iOS and Android. Previously to share short bursts of one-off learning you would use the messaging function, but this often got confused with other communication based messages, or was difficult to organise. Now, flashcards will be created as part of courses so they relate to the learning objectives of the course giving them much more context. 


As cards appear in the learner app homescreen, your team members will swipe them away once read, but they will always be available in the course screen and can be accessed as needed, at anytime. 

As an extra little treat, we’ve also introduced the ability to add video to Flashcards, just like we recently did with messages.


The advantages of Flashcards

So why should you be using Flashcards? From the team member’s point of view, Flashcards encourage regular use and allows them to be learning even if they don’t have time to do a lesson. Flashcards can additionally be used as a revision tool. So if a team member has done a lesson, you can create Flashcards from the summary in your lesson to boost knowledge retention.

They also increase the amount of available content which increases team member engagement. From a company perspective Flashcards are faster to create than lessons so you can build more content, more regularly.

How do I get started?

We have made it super easy to get started as an existing EduMe user. When you create a new course you will be offered a ready-made flashcard you can use to get started. When you start creating your own we have a few templates to help you. 

Screenshot 2019-10-10 10.42.05.png

Not an EduMe user but want to have a look at how Flashcards work? Let us know here and we’ll take through a quick demonstration.