What Learning Activities can I use?

EduMe offers 3 types of learning activities:




1. Video quiz - allows to insert the video supported by the quiz

2. Image quiz - allows to insert the image(s) supported by the quiz. The quizzes can be built with one image for all questions or different images for each question. 

3. Text bubble - text only activity allowing to present supporting information 





Examples of activities

Single Select Quiz:

  1. Select the correct answer
  2. True or False
  3. Yes or No
  4. Complete the sentence / Fill in the blank
  5. Definitions - select the correct title or description from the list 

Multiple Select Quiz:

  1. Select ALL Correct/Incorrect answers 
  2. Definitions - select ALL matching descriptions 

Text bubble:

  1. Section summary
  2. Lesson summary
  3. Additional information
  4. Recap