What image guidelines should I follow?


We recommend using dimensions of about 550 (width) x 250 (height) pixels (ratio 2:1). NOTE: images may appear differently on different size phones.

For optimal display, we recommend the following:

- use pictures in horizontal (landscape) layout, not vertical (portrait) layout.

Image format.jpg

- try to include some padding / white space around the top, bottom and sides of images (you can do this by creating a blank image ‘template’ in an photo editing tool like Paint or Photoshop, and then pasting your image into the centre of the template).

Image format 2.jpg

- avoid images that have important information like text along the edges of the image, as the details may be cut off: use images with a central focus if possible. 

- in general, avoid lots of text or detailed information in your images, as this may be hard to read on a small phone.

Image format 3.jpg
Image format 4.jpg

- You can use most image format e.g. jpg, gif, or png.