Guidelines for sending & scheduling cards

● aim to send 2-3 cards a day (10-20 per week) is ideal (MAXIMUM 5-6 per day, 35-40 per week)

● spread messages out over the week (try varying the days you send on)

● try to schedule messages 1 or 2 weeks in advance to keep a continuous flow - users will lose interest if no new content is available

● set an expiry date for time-sensitive messages

● pin important cards to the top - but don’t be tempted to pin EVERY card 😊

● use formatting and emojis to make text easier to read (see our guide)

● use attractive, relevant, appropriate images wherever possible

● create a bank of branded, generic images in the correct size / layout to save time (and use keywords in the file name to easily find them).

CLICK HERE for detailed guide and examples of message cards

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