How do you succeed with mobile learning?

Here is top 10 tips on how to succeed with EduMe:

1. Clearly communicate the value of your mobile platform

If your learners can’t see how a new training tool will help them, why would they use it?  


2. Make it easy to get started...and to keep learning

Learners will decide in 4-5 clicks whether the mobile learning platform is worth the effort. Reduce friction in all stages of the onboarding journey and make it easy to resume learning once logged in.


3. Design your mobile learning for mobile

Mobile learning is not simply shrinking existing desktop e-learning to fit a smartphone screen. Think about how you and your learners use a mobile phone and then build on that to create an interactive and engaging mobile learning experience.


4. Replicate familiar mobile behaviours

What are the mobile apps that your learners use the most? Replicate familiar actions from these apps to create an easy to use, intuitive interface. 


5. Use a light-hearted, conversational tone

The words ‘Corporate Training’ set off alarm bells for most people. Use interactivity, a conversational style, and a dash of humour to challenge these perceptions.


6. Keep it concise, keep it relevant

In the words of Josh Bersin, “today’s employees are overwhelmed, distracted, and impatient”. In our experience, the sweet spot for a mobile training course is between 2 to 4 minutes long.  


7. Use videos

We all love videos, so make sure your mobile and online learning initiatives incorporate them. The “keep it concise” rule applies here too: attention spans won’t stretch to more than 2 minutes.  


8. Use micro-learning to make learning a daily habit

For micro-learning to be effective in terms of behaviour change and driving business results, it has to be done regularly. Josh Bersin provides a great explanation of micro-learning here (Yes, we’re big fans).  


9. Encourage, and enable, ‘binge-learning’

Make it easy and compelling for people to keep going with their learning by lining up the next short lesson (think Netflix).


10. Experiment with notifications and elements of gamification

It’s natural that engagement wears off with time. Use your mobile learning app to send notifications to bring learners back, but bear in mind this can get annoying. Don’t be annoying.