Technical Requirements for Videos and Images

There are a number of areas where you can add images and videos in EduMe, whilst there are some restrictions on file types here we also offer some recommendations to deliver the most effective media for your users.



  • 2 x 1 ratio (600 x 300 pixels)

  • up to 2MB

NB Other ratios will distort image, i.e. become cropped


  • 2 mins

  • less than 25MB

  • 480p or 540p resolution

NB We accept videos up to any length, up to 80MB and up to 1080p resolution however we strongly recommend following our guidelines to ensure smooth delivery and low mobile data impact

Accepted File Types


  • jpeg

  • png

  • gif


  • MP4

  • mov

  • YouTube URL (set to ‘public’)

How do I reorder Lessons in Courses?

  • Go to your learning tab

  • Go to view course

  • If published make sure to unpublish course from the top right hand corner

  • Hold the lesson you want to reorder

  • Drag and drop

  • Reorder as many lessons as you want

  • Lesson numbers will automatically be updated

  • Publish course in the top right hand corner