How to create a productive & engaged sales force - 6 areas to focus on


One of the main challenges that EduMe solves is: how can I provide continuous learning opportunities that are easily accessible at the point of need?

This is relevant for a variety of companies and use cases, including dispersed sales forces, where we’ve built up a fair bit of experience.

So we compiled a handy list of topic areas to include when designing an online training programme for sales people.

1) Product & Pricing

  • New products

  • Features

  • Pricing and seasonal campaigns

  • USPs and differentiators

It’s essential that your sales people are up to speed on your suite of products, but they also need to know how they’re better than the competition.

Our clients are using a combination of swipeable message cards and microlessons to deliver product knowledge.

Lessons are great for getting into the detail of products and their benefits, and for onboarding new sales people.

Message cards are ideal to announce the launch of a new product, or a seasonal campaign. They have an expiry date function so that they're only visible for the campaign's duration, and you can pin important cards to make them easy for your learners to retrieve.


2) Sales skills

  • How to pitch

  • How to deal with customer queries

  • How to close a deal

  • How to provide aftercare

As you know, product knowledge needs to be complemented with strong sales skills, so use microlessons with short videos, ideally including role plays that your audience can relate to.

You can reinforce important sales tips and best practices by sending these via the message cards.


3) Support

  • How to get support from the company

  • Where customers can get support (e.g. helpline for returns)

Knowing where and how to get support is essential, especially for a dispersed network of sales people.

The message cards are ideal for this - again, pin the key cards containing contact phone numbers and email addresses so that they’re easily accessible.


4) Company news & info

  • Latest company news and developments

  • Useful stats that can be shared with customers

The start of the onboarding journey often involves an introduction to the company, and you can add a personal touch by including a short video from the CEO, for example. You could include the link to the video in a message card, making it quick and easy for your sales people to watch it.

Follow up by sending regular cards with interesting stats and news about the company.  This is a great way to ensure that a consistent brand is maintained.  

And for those who aren’t often in the office, it serves to make them feel engaged and proud to be part of something bigger.


5) Motivators

  • Commission structure reminders / updates

  • Employee of the month / region of the month

  • Share success stories

How do you keep motivation high, especially when you don't your sales people regularly?

We have seen great use of message cards for this - our clients are sending out regular reminders of how much sales reps can earn, and sharing success stories of employees and their satisfied customers. It works best if you include specific examples: if you sell $500, you'll earn $50.

You can also get a bit of healthy competition going by letting teams know how they’re performing vs. the others, in terms of sales targets, for example.


6) Feedback and ideas

  • Collect feedback

  • Share best practices

We’re very happy to see a client using the message cards to disseminate short online surveys. They’re using these surveys to gather feedback on the app and its content, for example, asking sales people what else they’d like to learn about.

They also ask learners to send their tips on different topics, such as how to close a sale, or how to deal with a customer query. They then send out the best tips as message cards, and award small prizes to the people who provided them.

This, as well as the recognition they get from seeing their name in lights (on a message card) is a compelling incentive for peer learning and sharing!



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