Rappi & EduMe Case Study: Using microlearning to improve customer service

Rappi and EduMe Case Study

We all know that the customer service you receive can make or break your relationship with a company. 

The on-demand delivery company Rappi takes customer care very seriously - this is crucial to its success. Having completed over 7 million deliveries, it's enjoying strong growth rates across Colombia, Mexico and Brazil. Rappi approached EduMe in search of a scaleable way to train new and existing customer care agents in a way that fits around busy schedules, and is available at the point of need. 


Microlearning across platforms


EduMe proved to be an ideal solution because it makes training available in bite-sized chunks across platforms. Rappi agents are accessing content from their phones and their desktops, with synchronised progress across devices. The message cards provide them with top tips on how to deliver excellent customer service, and motivate them through reminders of the targets they need to meet to receive their monthly bonus. The microlessons improve their skills on topics such as how to deal with customer queries, or how resolve tricky situations when products aren't available.

To evaluate the impact the EduMe platform had on performance, Rappi split new customer care agents into 2 groups, giving one group access to EduMe and the other being a control group. The most important business metrics were tracked for the 2 groups over a 2 month period.


Rappi's business results
  • Cancellations: The EduMe group had a whopping 27% lower rate of cancellations

  • Quality: Rappi supervisors conduct regular quality checks to ensure customer care agents are following the right processes. If not, they get a 'strike' and those using the EduMe platform had 25% fewer strikes than the control group.


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