5 Reasons Why You Need to Have an Engaged Workforce


Employee engagement is one of the three central ideas behind Workforce Success. Employee engagement is a critical component that leads teams to be high performing, which in turn leads to individual and organizational success.

Engagement is measured by employees’ feelings and behaviors, such as whether or not staff can articulate their organization’s purpose, how connected they feel to their peers, their leaders, and the work they perform, and how supported they feel on the job. 

These factors are closely related to the other two components of Workforce Success, which are how well employees are trained and how effectively their employers can and do communicate with them.

In The Impact of Employee Engagement on Performance, the Harvard Business Review cited factors that boost employee engagement, including senior leadership communicating updates and strategy, training and development being organized around corporate goals, and recognition for high performers. These factors echo the principles of Workforce Success; in short…

Employees who are well-trained and have open lines of communication are more engaged.

Engaged employees lead the way in their workplaces because they are personally invested in doing so, not only because they are being paid to do so. They inspire others, improve workplace morale, and contribute to the overall health of their organization.

Think how these five benefits of a more engaged workforce could impact your business objectives:

1 - Engaged Employees Are More Productive


Employees who feel personally committed to their roles tend to be higher contributors. They take pride in their work, they work at a faster pace, and they are more likely to innovate and improve workflows.

Conversely, lack of engagement can lead to workplace accidents and absenteeism, and even higher healthcare costs. Investing in employee engagement is worthwhile as the rewards benefit both the employer and the employees alike.

2 - Engaged Employees Are More Satisfied

Your employees are the public face of your company. Reflect on how your employees present themselves, your organization, and your products or services.

Customers will notice if the people they encounter are genuinely happy, but also if they are not. Job satisfaction translates to improved performance, and in turn, to higher customer satisfaction rates. 

3 - Engaged Employees Are More Retainable

Happy employees need very compelling reasons to leave their jobs. Expenses related to employee turnover include job advertising fees, lost productivity during vacancies and training, and allowing time for employees to gain proficiency in their roles.

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Furthermore, when high performing employees leave, there’s always the risk of others following. Turnover can be reduced by focusing on employee engagement tactics, so that your best employees feel rewarded, connected, and personally motivated to stay.

4 - Engaged Employees Contribute to a Positive Workplace Culture

What is your organization’s mission or vision? Do your employees carry it out in their behavior while on the job? Engaged employees feel their work is connected to a purpose, their behavior personifies positive workplace culture, and ideally, they are recognized for their efforts. 

Celebrations of business success as well as recognition of individual contributors to the overall organization’s success help to establish a culture of respect and positivity, and an overall environment that employees are proud to be part of.

5 - Engaged Employees Are Better Communicators

Your employees communicate daily with your customers and with each other. Hopefully, they are communicating the right messages and ideas. Disengaged employees may isolate themselves, keep their ideas to themselves, and even go so far as to spread negativity. Don’t let toxic behavior and communication threaten the health of your whole organization. 

Equip leaders with the ability to communicate to dispersed workforces. Technology can keep your employees instantly updated with news and information - providing that positive exposure to company values and a connection to company leaders.

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