What we learned at Learning Technologies Summer Forum 2019

What a great day! The sun was shining, spirits were high and the crowd was ready to start exploring what Workforce Success means to them. The day started with delegates being greeted by our enthusiastic tennis players getting into the Wimbledon mood and putting Workforce Success on everyone’s lips.

Throughout the day we had dozens of conversations with people wanting to know more about the world’s leading Workforce Success platform, intrigued by the bold colours, impressed by the big clients and inspired by our founder, Jacob, presenting on how Uber have used EduMe to make their workforce successful. A full crowd attended the talk and started some really interesting chatter on what this means for the future of workforce globally. You can view Jacob’s slides here. (open the slides in fullscreen to view the download button)

So what were the main themes that kept coming up and who were the people talking about them?

Onboarding and turnover - It seems like the never ending dilemma, how do I retain and motivate my staff? With a number of retail and hospitality companies attending it was no surprise this came up.. Coupled with the shift in workforce habits it’s becoming increasingly difficult to deliver information and engage people at the same time. You can read our guide to onboarding and keeping staff engaged here.

Why doesn’t my LMS work? - It was surprising even to us that this frustration was raised so often. The attendees at LTSF are clearly looking for another way to train, engage and communicate with their workforce. Too often a LMS is chosen without any feedback received from the actual employees and how it might work - but by then it’s an expensive and critical mistake in getting learning as a key part of a whole Workforce Success strategy. Engaging and communicating is as important as training.

We hope you had a great day and enjoyed the very unofficial after-party with us. Here are some photos, we’ll be uploading more over the coming days.