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Build awareness and comprehension of company initiatives

Tap into transparency and ensure understanding company-wide to improve motivation and long-term retention.

Centralize information
Improve organizational flow of communication by streamlining information into a single reliable source.
Strengthen understanding
Blind spots and lack of awareness internally lead to low usage of schemes and a high churn rate.
Add accountability
Leave no doubt where responsibility and ownership lie, and where to turn for support and assistance.

Supercharge engagement and performance

With full comprehension of common goals to work towards or rewards to unlock, employees become goal-oriented and incentivized to perform better and work in a way conducive to personal productivity.

Build community and reduce churn

Be an employer that’s talked about. Gain a competitive edge in your niche through greater employee referrals and making sure that those that start with you, stay with you.

Cut recruitment costs

When less people leave, there are fewer to replace. By providing unparalleled access to life-bettering initiatives, sit back and watch the employee referrals roll in.


Clear, targeted content

With Lessons that upskill employees on new initiatives in minutes and leverage eduMe’s mobile-first clear, concise format, there’s no room for misunderstanding or chance of messages not landing.


Motivational messaging in one click

Being integration-ready and touch point-rich, eduMe enables easy sharing of gamified objective-driven content in a video, image or text medium to individuals, groups or company-wide, increasing accessibility to engaging information on loyalty inspiring initiatives.


Closely monitor engagement

eduMe’s comprehensive reporting features and data analytics make tracking metrics like activations, completion and utilization of learning material a breeze.

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